Kent and Medway Summer RE Hub meeting

Saturday, June 17th 10:00-13:00

Meet in room RwS33 (Rowan Williams building, second floor, room 33), Canterbury Christ Church University, Medway Campus, Gillingham. (Parking spaces out front – just press the buzzer and say you are here for the RE Hub Meeting to the speaker.

I am adding a bit more detail.

Part 1: A focus on key issues around working better with texts as sources, introduced by Bob – some big ideas for thinking about how pupils can engage texts.

Part 2: Split into primary and secondary groups

Primary Groups with Rebecca Swansbury: This will look at some techniques to improve contextual readings of sources. What is context? What does it look like in examples around the Bible? These will include some easy ideas to develop deeper engagements with sources in upper primary

Secondary Group with Bob Bowie: This will look specifically at how texts can be read and interpreted in ways that reveal the different ways Christians engage with texts. We’ll look at some common texts that can be applied to many GCSE topics areas.

These sessions seek to help you develop deeper uses of sources and smarter techniques. This is related to a major research development initiative to try to help students better engage texts, finding ways round the ‘proof text’ practice. The initiative is also aimed at unlocking deeper answers, getting beyond the for/against template answer. So we ‘ll be looking at smarter uses of sacred texts in learning about and from religion. How to turn your pupils in textual investigators! There will also be a focus on links with literacy at primary level.

Part 3: Finally, there is some local news and our standing Teach Meet item so please bring something to share.

It’s free! A chance to meet up and catch up. A chance to share and learn. As usual the meeting begins with second (or first!) Breakfast.

See you there,

Bob Bowie

Book here



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