Hub Meeting!

All aboard for the first Kent and Medway RE Hub of the new school year! As always it’s the RE breakfast that no teacher of RE can afford to miss, if you want to meet inspiring fellow teachers of RE (Primary and Secondary). This time Virginia Corbyn will be doing “What’s the big idea” for Primary teachers, Bob Bowie is doing a beginners guide to hermeneutics for A Level and Katie Clemmey will be facilitating a session snappily titled “so lets discuss what on earth we are going to be doing with our RS GCSE situation, given they haven’t even confirmed the final  specs are and we are supposed to be actually preparing or starting to teach the thing in year 9 …. ” (Ed. that’s quite enough of that.).  The GCSE session is a discussion session so bring your plans for what you are doing and your questions to share. As usual come an share one idea that adds a bit of fizz to the lesson and there will of course be some more national reports.



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